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Commonly Asked Questions


I'm sure you have lots of questions. Look below for some of the more common questions and see if one holds the answer you are looking for. If you have more questions feel free to ask me through my Contact page.


Thank You!


What can you make?


Just about anything you can think of. I can make the design fit what you are thinking of. There are only a few limitations: because of the material used I can't make them too elaborate or big, or the hat will collapse under it's own weight. Each design is custom and different, so if you are unsure, contact me!


What are the hats made of?


I primarily use Red Heart yarn. It's an acrylic yarn (which means it's made from a plastic) and comes in many different colors. It is machine washable and does not contain any allergens. I may also use polyester stuffing, if the hat has add-ons like large ears or horns. I do not use any wires, even in large ears, in order to keep them soft.


How much does a beanie cost?


Ah, that's a tricky one. I try my best to keep the cost as low as possible, but it depends on the amount of material used and the complexity of the design. The base of the hat takes about an hour to make, and some designs can take upwards of 10 or so hours to fully assemble. Pricing also depends on shipping if you don't live in the Clark County, NV area. If you know what hat you want, please contact me and I can give you an accurate price, along with a design for your hat!


How do you accept payment?


Unless you live local to me and can pay in cash or something else agreed upon, I take all payments through Paypal.


You can also make a donation if you just want to show a little support

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Can I have the pattern for a beanie?


The short answer is, unfortunately, no.


I make up new designs as I go along, and alot of assembly is done spontaniously and I often have to look at my own designs afterwards to try to remember how I made them. In addition, I'm not that great at writing patterns and, although I do keep track of some of the numbers involved, I don't write down how things are assembled or any weird stitches. I keep my patterns mostly in my head, so it's not really possible to give them out.

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